The Fulham manager Martin Jol has said that the former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov is a classy entertainer following his excellent start to the Fulham career this season. The 31-year-old once again returned to London after enjoying a short spell at Manchester United.

Fulham signed him in the summer for a relatively low transfer fee under the noses of the Italian club Fiorentina. He has made a great start to the Fulham career by scoring numerous goals in the match as he has played for the club. This has led to the manager Martin Jol praising him by saying that he is a fantastic footballer and an entertainer.

Dimitar Berbatov was once again extremely important for Fulham in the 3-3 draw with Arsenal. He scored the penalty that helped Fulham take at least a point from the match. Even though he appeared to be disinterested throughout the whole match by not putting in the work rate of the other players, his undoubted quality and talent helped him outshine other strikers at the club. Even the opposition manager Arsene Wenger was in praise of the striker after the match. In the end, Berbatov scored two goals in the match, while also providing an assist for the other Fulham goal.

“I don’t think he likes to be an entertainer but he entertains with his style and I don’t want to take that away from him. He wanted to show me that his last penalty was not a coincidence,” the Dutchman recalled. “I said: ‘Please, next time, just put it in the net, don’t wait for the keeper’. People think he’s a sulker and on the field they think he might not be giving 100 per cent but in his mind he is giving everything for the team and you have to accept that,” said Martin Jol.