Dimitar Berbatov might be making his way back to Tottenham Hotspur in near future. He has been reported not to be in the greatest of moods at his current cub Fulham.

Berbatov’s first tenure at Tottenham Hotspur was quite successful. He had spent a couple of years at the club and had performed consistently. The Spurs had sold him to Manchester United in August 2008 after receiving a transfer fee of more than 30 million Pounds.

Jermain Defoe who had been there as a backup striker at Tottenham will make a move away to Toronto FC after a few weeks and that would create a void in their squad. The Spurs management needs somebody who can fill that void and they reckon that Berbatov is the right man for that.

It’s not that only the Tottenham boss is interested in Berbatov. The president of the club Mr. Daniel Levy is also in favour of bringing the player in and they are supposed not to hesitate spending a decent amount of money to make that happen.

However, according to the Fulham officials, there hasn’t been any bid for the veteran striker till now.

When the Spurs manager Tim Sherwood was asked about Berbatov a couple of days back, he said, “We all know about Berba’s capability as a player. He’s someone who is tried and tested at this level.”

“It’s hard to tell what Fulham thinks about him at this point of time. As far as we are concerned, we’ve got enough resources for the remaining part of this season.”

In case Berbatov comes to White Hart Lane, it will put Emmanuel Adebayor under quite a bit of pressure; that’s for sure. The Bulgarian international is someone who can’t be asked to sit on the sidelines on a regular basis.