The Fulham manager Martin Jol has said that the striker Dimitar Berbatov is stupid for producing a bizarre T-shirt slogan in the recent 1-1 draw with Southampton. Dimitar Berbatov has been one of the influential signings for Fulham this season. He has been able to help the club reach levels closer to the top half of the table, while Fulham would also be struggling in the relegation zone had it not been for his presence this season. He was a £ 5 million signing from Manchester United in the summer. Martin Jol has praised him recently by saying that he is one of the best in the league. He scored in the match against Southampton during the weekend to put Fulham ahead in the match. Even though the visitors managed to equalise the match after 8 min, the sixth goal of the season by Dimitar Berbatov helped Fulham keep their heads above the relegation zone in comfortable manner. After scoring, Berbatov unveiled a T-shirt that said –‘Keep calm and pass me the ball’. This has infuriated the manager Jol, who has said that such a statement was unnecessary in a situation. However, he can understand where Berbatov is coming from. Berbatov is someone who encourages a lot of the youngsters to keep possession of the ball. “It was a bit stupid and I will have to have a word with him. He probably thought he would get away with it as he never gets booked. It wasn’t the brightest thing to do but he wanted to make a statement. He tells the youngsters every day to play with confidence, keep the ball and don’t be afraid. You need confidence and self-belief to play your football," said the Fulham manager, whose side have not had the best of form in recent weeks.