Chelsea Star Defended by Dimitar Berbatov

This time something new took place in Chelsea’s audition. This time they went off the path and started in tremendous fashion under MAURIZIO SARRI. But before the season could start rumors started to spread that Sari might be sacked before even one event ended. Maybe the rumors are true as sources say that the manager is one of the most patients in the club. Even Sari brought a guy named Jorginho along with him from Napoli.

Jorginho and Chelsea we’re doing well in the initial few days but their performance dropped recently. Chelsea fans are sad because the team is not in form of late. The forward, Dimitar Berbatov who had played for both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United and he feels that the coach is not criticized at most of the times, and he is in severe of the pressure with the sacking of the managers. He defends Jorginho and says that most of the Time he was just pressurized and he even mentioned that it’s unfair to blame that guy always for everything.

He even said that Jorginho is one of the best players depending on the way he played for the Napoli team, sometimes; the Premier League is too much to ask for someone. But his teammates who have been there from a long time have to help him out and bring out the good from him.

The staff of the team needs to work out the things ASAP and they have to finish in the top 4 of the season and must feature in the next season of the Champions League tournament. As far as the manager is concerned, he might be in a different role from now onwards. Even though they were defended by Dimitar still they have to look on things and solve them.

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