Dimitar Berbatov Predicts the Match between England and Bulgaria

Claims have been made by Dimitar Berbatov that miracles do happen in the football sport as he predicts his Bulgaria to be the winner against England. If it happens, it will be for the first time ever. The Three Lions have not lost to any of the 10 matches played against Bulgaria. They conceded only two goals for the matches between them.

Berbatov has played for the Manchester United club as well as for the Tottenham club and was a star player for both. He said that the hosts have been overwhelming favorites for most as the team consists of world-class players. But he believes that miracles also happen sometimes in football. He added that he has the knowledge about his players and he will support his country. The players of Bulgaria will give their best to win the match. He also said one thing which is positive for this Bulgarian team is that they have excellent spirit in them. Though it will be difficult for them as they are considered underdogs, but they will try to give a tough fight.

Balakov is the head coach for the Bulgarian team and his name was announced when Dimitar was asked about the past matches that the country have played. Hristo Stoichkov was also mentioned who was a part of the World Cup team in the year 1994 as they reached the semi-final stage of the tournament. In a statement, Berbatov said that he has been a legend for the nation. He is also a member of the team to have finished in the fourth position at the USA in the year 1994. He is considered as one of the greatest players to date. Berbatov stated that he wants to see Balakov as a successful person in the field of football.

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