“Too Many Players Are Too Complicated Matters”: Dimitar Berbatov Insists Manchester United’s Situation Has Become “Painful” To Look For Bad Start To Season”

• Dimitar Berbatov reveals Manchester United’s situation has become “painful”.
• The red devils were held to a massive killing of Valencia in Europe.
• It comes after United was beaten by both West Ham and Derby in recent weeks.
• However, he feels that they can turn it over if they do not “over-complicate matters”.

Dimitar Berbatov has revealed that Manchester United’s situation has become “painful” to witness a series of poor performance in the league and in Europe. Berbatov is the former United and Tottenham striker was also unsure whether Jose Mourinho will hold his job at Old Trafford, considering he has been “over complicated” players on the pitch.

United was held to a huge massacre of Valencia in the Champions League on Tuesday evening, which came out of a defeat in the Premier League and League Cup, but Berbatov believes that everybody in the club does everything to solve the “small crisis”.

“I’m not in Old Trafford anymore, I’m not in the training ground, I’m not talking to the leader or the players, but looking from the outside, it’s not good to see how they are doing now,” Berbatov told Betfair. As a former player, it’s painful because you want your team to win all the time. “But as I said before, it’s not easy to be the manager these days dealing with all these players, all of these egos, because big players have great power these days.
“I’m sure everyone in the club does everything they can to solve this little crisis that is at the place. I still cannot imagine that a Manchester United player does not put anything to turn it around. I want to enjoy their football and speak their ideas.’

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